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Congratulations on setting up your reseller account,
and welcome to thebase Web Hosting.

All you need to do now to get started is to upload your web pages to your account by FTP. You'll find the details in your welcome mail. Not received your welcome mail? You can see all the e-mails we've ever sent you here: https://www.thebase.co.uk/go/clientarea.php?action=emails

No FTP client? We recommend the open source FTP client FileZilla, available at www.filezilla-project.org.

Make sure you remove, rename, move or overwrite index.php - this file - to stop this welcome screen appearing.

If you are migrating your hosting account from another cPanel host, carry out a full home directory backup and upload it to your home directory on our server - you can do this quickly by uploading directly to our server instead of downloading it to your computer first. Once the backup file is in your new account, drop us a support ticket and we'll restore it for you, instantly making your account just the way it was with your old host. Migrating accounts you have resold is a little more tricky - raise a support ticket and we can discuss your individual needs.


To configure your new hosting, log in to your cPanel account. cPanel is an incredibly powerful, cutting edge control panel interface where you customise every aspect of your hosting account. Unfamiliar with cPanel? The intuitive interface won't take long to master but to help you along, you will find a wealth of video tutorials around cPanel.

Here are just a few things you can do with your cPanel account:

  • Create and configure POP3 e-mail accounts
  • Create scheduled tasks
  • Change your password
  • Designate password protected areas
  • Make and restore backups
  • Set up subdomains
  • Create additional FTP accounts
  • Add further domains on to your account
  • Configure MySQL databases
  • Set up web site statistics
  • Install over 130 pre-configured PHP software using Softaculous including:
    • osCommerce ecommerce package
    • CubeCart ecommerce package
    • phpBB3 message board
    • Wordpress blog software
    • Guest book
    • Coppermine photo gallery

Log in to cPanel at:

For further help, you can find the official cPanel documentation at http://docs.cpanel.net.


You can create and administer your resold accounts using WebHost Manager® (WHM). WHM has a wealth of features enabling you to resell cPanel accounts for profit and maintain the accounts for your customers.

Third party applications such as WHMCS can fully automate the reseller process, setting up accounts as soon as payment has cleared, producing monthly e-mails and handling support requests. Monthly licences are available at lower cost from LicensePal.

Log in to WHM at:

For further help, you can find the official WHM documentation at http://docs.cpanel.net.

Should you have any difficulties with your account, please do not hesitate to contact us by submitting a support ticket at: https://www.thebase.co.uk/go/supporttickets.php

If you are unable to reach the support site, you can also contact us by e-mail at: support@thebasesupport.co.uk, but please do not use this as a substitute for the main support ticketing process as this method is likely to be slower.

Finally, we would like to thank you very much for choosing thebase Web Hosting, and wish you a pleasant experience with us.



Useful Addresses:

thebase Website: http://www.thebase.co.uk
Technical Support: https://www.thebase.co.uk/go/supporttickets.php
Your Temporary Address: http://gemini.rapiserv.com/~[youraccountname]
cPanel address: http://gemini.rapiserv.com/cpanel
WHM address: http://gemini.rapiserv.com/whm
FTP server: ftp://gemini.rapiserv.com
or: ftp://[yourdomain].[xyz]
Webmail: http://gemini.rapiserv.com/webmail
or: http://[yourdomain].[xyz]/webmail
Nameserver 1: ns1.rapiserv.com
Nameserver 2: ns2.rapiserv.com

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